California Adventure

Hello Humans!

So last week I wrote about  very special place, the happiest place on earth in fact! Here’s my post about Disneyland if you’re interested. This week, I wanted to talk about Disneyland’s little sister, California Adventure! Only located at the Disneyland in California (duh), California Adventure is its own park right across the way from the original Disney.

California Adventure Entrance (Disney Parks Blog)

California Adventure is truly what it sounds like, its a look at the California life style, mainly focusing on the movie industry and the Golden Age of Hollywood. C.A. has many full production plays and one of the fan favorites, Soarin’ over California, a simulated plane ride through California. When you sit in the chair, they fly upward taking you about 30 ft above the ground to stare a giant production screen, coming with surround sound and even 4D aspects like the smell of pine cones as you fly through forests.

Another feature of California Adventure that seperates it from it’s counterpart is its Paradise Pier, imitating one of California’s many piers, decorated with 1950’s ads and carnival themed games. It also has one of the worlds most iconic and recognizable ferris wheels (seen below), though one thing most people don’t know about the ferris wheel is that the carts swing as you ride! It definitely adds an element of surprise and excitement to the ride. At the end of the pier is one of C.A.’s fan’s most enjoyed ride, California Screamin’. The only roller coaster that goes upside at a Disney Park, California Screamin’ goes from 0-60 after a literal 10 second count down that has you on the edge of your cart’s seat!

Disney’s World of Color with Ferris Wheel in background (Frank Anzalone Photography)

My favorite attraction in California Adventure has to be it’s newest show, World of Color. World of Color, as seen above, is a spectacular lights show with a unique twist, all the images displayed are set against water. As hundreds of water jets propel water into the air, lights display moving images onto the water that play in time with music from some of Disney’s classics. From the Jungle Book to the newest classic Frozen, the show will make you laugh and cry and want to watch it all over again! It’s a must see if you ever come out to enjoy a day at the park.

Though that’s all I have for right now, there’s so much more to do at Disney’s parks! Please, come and visit sometime, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time,

-Sebastian Luna


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