The Festival

Hi! Hola! مرحبا! 嗨! Salut! Hallo! привет!

The subject for this week’s blog post is Fountain Valley High School’s very own culture festival. After a one year lapse, the culture fair has resurged at Fountain Valley once again to expose high school students to the different cultures associated with food. In weeks prior to the festival, students on campus sent in auditions of various cultural acts, including lion dances, fire eaters, and dance performances. A majority of the clubs also set up booths selling different cultural foods like Spanish sweet bread, Italian waffle cookies and gelato, Chinese chicken and chow mein.


PC: Charlie Truong


PC: Charlie Truong

Although many people don’t think of it, a nation’s culture is expressed in it’s food. The elegant mountains of noodles and sauce with fresh herbs of Italy show the country’s reverence for agriculture and the hilly mountains of the Italian Peninsula. French cuisine is very refined and precise, reflecting the posh, structured culture of France. British fish and chips are a symbol of the nation’s history as a seafaring nation and their reliance on fishing. Similarly, Japanese sushi’s use of seaweed and fresh seafood is a parallel to the national culture of fishing and worship of the sea. Ireland has almost become synonymous with alcohol, especially beer, thanks to the prominence of Guinness, even though Germany invented the tasty brew (the beverage is more prominent in Irish culture than German). People always assume that food developed from culture, but in fact, a nation’s culture develops from its food.



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