Drink to Drinks

I wrap my lips around the fat, black straw and breath in to sip up my drink and the spheres of boba swim along upstream into my mouth. Chew, chew, chew.  The black tapiocas become small pieces that have been crushed and grained by my white, strong teeth. The satisfaction I get from the sweet liquid and chews create a wide grin on my face that makes me sip mindlessly into a paradise of a diabetic, but oh so good, drink.

Small, round spheres of black chewy goodness… that is what I love best to be situated at the bottom of my smoothie or tea cup.

The experience above occurs when I drink milk tea, green tea, or coffee with boba, especially that of belonging to the 7 Leaves Cafe, a cafe chain found throughout Orange County and around the LA area, that serves cups of the yummy goodness described above.  7 Leaves is not your average Boba house, the menu they have is limited to about 10-12 drinks (for now) as compared to the 40 drinks say another big Boba chain restaurant would have.  However, with the limited amount of drinks, that is how we know that their drinks are specialized to be the real thing- that of fresh ingredients and I assume, not made from powder.


7 leaves’ specialty sea cream, which can be requested for any drink


There are 3 specific locations of 7 leaves throughout Orange County: 2 in the city of Westminster, and 1, of which just recently had its grand opening, in the city of Fountain Valley.

On the 7 Leaves menu, their drinks, too, are unique. They have flavors that in my whole existence of drinking boba, and being a boba fanatic that I am, I have never heard of before.  Their mung bean milk tea is a drink made from the Vietnamese mung bean, sweetened, and almost tastes like Vietnamese Che. You can taste the mung bean milkiness and richness from the drink. Even sometimes, some mung bean particles are left inside the cup to show you that the drink really is, believe it or not, made of real mung bean, not the fake mung bean, not the powder, but the real mung bean. Oh, and the house special coffee- whew, I’m watering inside my mouth just thinking about their coffee. Their coffee is the Grandma, homemade, Vietnamese coffee, only you don’t have to prepare the drink or make your Granny waste her energy making the drink. Their house special coffee is a milky, rich, sweetened cafe topped off with their special sea cream- a light, fluffy cream blended with sea salt to give the drink a sweet and salty flavor.


7 leaves’ house specialty coffee with sea cream! Absolutely delicious!


If you aren’t a coffee lover nor adventurer when it comes to foods and drinks, preferring the average jasmine milk or thai tea, 7 leaves also offers those original flavors to customers too.

Each cup ranges from $2.85-$4.00, depending on which drink you desire.  Add ons (boba, grass jelly, egg pudding) are an extra $0.45 to your purchase, but they are so worth it.  Why go to a tea house and not get any add on’s am I right? 7 Leaves also offers snacks, and if you really want a steal, a large sized takeout container filled with cajun fries is only $2.50: the bang for your buck.

The cajun fries for 7 leaves!  These can come in regular, mild, or spicy seasoning.  All in a large takeout box! Yum!

The cajun fries for 7 leaves! These can come in regular, mild, or spicy seasoning. All in a large takeout box! Yum!

If you guys ever have the time, I recommend checking out a 7 Leaves Cafe if you are in Orange County or around socal. Drinks and fries? Count me in!




  1. My mouth was watering as I read this! I love love 7 leaves and I’m so glad they decided to open one up right next to our school because they’re racking up so much business from FVHS students(: I like how their drink menu’s pretty limited because I’m an indecisive person and I tend to always get the same drink all the time, the herbal tea! Great post Naomi!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FINALLY !!!! A BOBA TEA LOUNGE IN FOUNTAIN VALLEY!!!! I’ve been dreaming for this day, there is like no boba places in fountain valley and im so glad they opened one right next to our school. HOW RAD IS THAT??? I’ve never tried 7 leaves before too, so this is reallllllly exciting, hopefully it is as good as you described it!


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