molaa2Hey readers! I think the greatest thing about museums, besides looking at all the exhibits, is getting to look at the exhibits for free. Target free Sundays are probably the best thing invented since toilet paper, and at MoLAA, every Sunday is a target-free Sunday, thanks to the sponsorship of Target. Admission and all of the activities are completely free! The Museum of Latin American Arts provides a chance for everyone to view and enjoy the art of famous Latin American artists of the past century. Some exhibits are also interactive!


On Sundays, just walk through the entrance and the lady at the front door will unlock the doors to the inside. Once inside, there are several wings of the museum to visit. There are different paintings, sculptures, and artifacts that viewers can look at and take pictures of. Every exhibit has a small plaque that has details about the work and the artist, and if viewers are still curious, museum workers are around every corner to answer any questions.


My favorite part of the museum was definitely the garden, the last wing of the museum. The whole garden has different types of trees and cacti, creating a backyard-like atmosphere for the museum. Between the plants are more sculptures and artifacts. I got to hold hands with the one below for a short while!

molaa 1If you want somewhere cool to spend your Sunday afternoon, the museum is a great place to go to enjoy yourself and learn a little bit more about Latin American art. I think it’s totally worth it, and hey, it’s free!

Until next time guys!



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  1. That’s so cool !! I’m actually going to an art museum in Los Angeles this Wednesday with my Art History class. If you’re interested in art, you should definitely look into taking AP Art History! It’s really fun.


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