It’s Mama D’s Italian Kitchen!

This lovely restaurant has two locations; one in Newport Beach and another in Manhattan Beach. The moment you walk in, you know you’re in for a good meal. The smell of fresh pasta dough being worked and simmering goodness of their sauces is enough to make your mouth water. Their menu has all the classics; chicken parmesan, spaghetti, ect. The specialty of this quaint little restaurant is their sauces. Instead of the traditional specialty dishes, Mama D’s menu is packed with different sauces and pastas. Each customer can customize their pasta experience with any type of pasta noodle and sauce combination. Their best sauce, of course, is their signature Mama D’s Pink sauce, which is a creamy variation on the traditional marinara sauce that has just enough cheese to make your mouth explode with flavor.

Now, the service in Mama D’s is off the charts. The employees do everything in their power to make you feel at home and comfortable, from handing out freshly baked bread to customers waiting for a seat, to giving out free desserts to new patrons. The owners ensure their employees kindness by giving them bonuses for every positive mention of their names on the popular food finding app, Yelp. It’s nice to see an owner give back to their employees in an industry that’s dominated by profits and chain restaurants, and the kindness definitely conducts through to the customer.

If you’re looking for good food made with the finest ingredients, stellar customer service, and that at-home-feeling, Mama D’s is the place to be.



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  1. I love this place! I feel like they serve authentic Italian food and I’m in love with the pizza and pasta! I agree the service is wonderful and it’s so worth the trip. I’m so glad you’ve written a blog post about this because this place deserves the recognition. Nice picture also!


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