YouTube Space LA

Hello Humans!

Today I wanted to talk about a very creative and exciting place in LA, and even though its technically not in Orange County, we’ll just count it for today. I’m talking about the YouTube Space! The YouTube Space, much like the name suggests, is a creative center for youtubers to create content and be a part of bigger projects usually with other creators. Many wonderful projects have come from the YouTube Space, most notably the YouTube Rewinds of 2012,’13, and ’14.

The Youtube Space isn’t just for content creators though, as many events are held open to the public to learn or be a part of certain piece of work. They also hold various events for non profit organizations and help make the area of LA a better place to live.  You can visit the website for events here.

The video wall in the lobby of YouTube Space LA. Photos by Avishay Artsy.

The best way for fans to meet their favorite creators though, would be at meetups such as Vidcon! Events like Vidcon and Playlist Live are special events for creators and subscribers to meet, interact, and just have a fun time together! I went last year, and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. There’s a weird barrier set up between traditional celebrities and fans, but with events like these those walls seem to be taken down and you truly get to enjoy the company of not only youtubers but other people who enjoy watching and creating videos. There are still tickets available for this year’s Vidcon in July! Tickets here.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tangent on YouTube and the lovely community it has created. If you want to start making videos or just enjoy watching entertaining things, make an account and start fangirling!

Until next time!



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