StoneFire Grill

Hello Humans!

Today I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite subject, food! One of my favorite places to eat has to be StoneFire Grill. It has the best salads and tri tip I have ever eaten, their barbecue tri tip is to DIE for, I order it every time I go! And the best part of it all are their bread sticks. Garlic cheese covered strips of heaven! They have baskets full of them made for the whole family.

 They restaurant is beautiful too, with a stone fire place and wooden everything, it all gives it a true home town feel. Their theme goes right along with their plating and sizing, as most everything is family sized and packaged that way. Family style also means more bread sticks haha! Besides salad and bread sticks though, there are an arrangement of meat, pasta and even pizza to chose from. My friends love the pesto pasta, though i just can’t eat it because of its green color! As i said before, my personal favorites are the barbecue tri tip salad, but i also love their caeser salad and steaks! Everything there is freshly made so its always super yummy! 

Well hope you guys go and try this amazing place! I even went there for my birthday this year to eat with my family and I was in a food coma for the next day! They’re also a great place to find work, always hiring and good to high school students! Happy Eating!



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