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Aside from the talk and sharing of the locations of Orange County, what is run on this blog, and mostly every other blog within the internet realm, is writing.  A blog of writing is what Underground OC is about, the “writing about locations of Orange County” is more of a narrow theme to draw in an interested audience. In honesty, however, the writing about locations of Orange County is just a bonus for readers. The most fundamental blueprint of Underground OC is the writing… the wonderful world of writing.


A couple days ago, I was having a short conversation with my friend. We were talking about which senior classes we would be taking the following year. Coming upon English, we shared with one another whether we would be taking an AP (Honors) English class. I will be taking AP Literature, while my friend is deciding to take the route of “regular” English. This had shocked me because I knew my friend definitely had the potential to do well in an AP English class. She explained that English was never something she was fond of. The various interpretations with no solid answer or theorem makes the subject very confusing. My friend does have a valid point; English is a whirlwind of education and knowledge, but it is a crucial basic education and knowledge that all people need to grasp and explore.

An essential element of English is writing. It could be argued that writing is an essential element for every subject. We write essays in history, we write explanations in science, we write numbers in math. What sets writing in an English class apart from other subjects, however, is the fact that writing done in English is pure out of one’s own thoughts. An English class, or most of them you could say, provides greater opportunities for an individual to write of free will and expression. That is the magic behind English, the subject that enables student to not only read works for reflection, but also to write for reflection.

An interesting video giving 25 fun facts about English!

I was once my friend for almost all my life. English had always been a subject I liked the least. That, however, was because I never fully delved into the subject to realize its significance. Words are very powerful… very powerful. I am so grateful to have realized such this year.


I encourage you all to write more!



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