Going the extra yard? to Yard House

Hey readers! I think the greatest thing about traveling, besides adventuring new places, is hands down the food you get to try. A while back, my sister took me to Los Angeles for a concert, which was believe it or not, my very first time being to LA. I’ve been all around the world, to different states and countries, and I think it’s amazing how I had never been somewhere only an hour away from home. It wasn’t a very far travel, but it was definitely memorable. My sisters told me to pick somewhere to eat, and me being me, I couldn’t make up my mind. It was my first time in that area, and I had no idea what would be good or not.


After walking around part of Olympic Boulevard for quite some time, I finally managed to make a decision: Yard House. Granted, my sisters weren’t too happy with me because we had walked past Yard House a dozen times, but they said I was sure to enjoy the food there. Oh boy were they right. The menu was huge! It was clearly broken down into sections that were easily distinguishable. Our server was happy to give us recommendations on their best dishes and what deals we would be able to get if we ordered certain dishes. The food was absolutely amazing. All the dishes were completely unique and tasty. My favorite dish was definitely the Spicy Tuna Roll. It was almost exactly like a regular spic tuna roll, except it wasn’t really a roll. It was a large patty shaped roll laid on top of a edamame and cucumber salad. It tasted exactly like a roll you could find at any other sushi restaurant, but better!

Porcini Crusted Halibut (top left), Penne with Chicken (bottom left), and Spicy Tuna Roll (right)

Porcini Crusted Halibut (top left), Penne with Chicken (bottom left), and Spicy Tuna Roll (right)

Not only was the food amazing, the service was amazing too. Our waitress treated us very well and came back every 10 minutes to refill our drinks, even if the cups weren’t completely empty yet! She gave us plenty of time to place our order and wasn’t pushy about it at all. She made sure that we were comfortable at our table and frequently came back to make sure that the heater was working properly. Everything about my first time to LA was incredible, food being the most. I would go back to Yard House any time, because it is just that great! I suggest going there soon! If LA is too far, I hear that the Yard House’s in Costa Mesa and Irvine are just as great. Check it out!

Until next time guys!



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