Kim Su Seafood Restaurant

Hello, lovelies! It’s Hannah. It’s been about two weeks since my last blog post because I’ve been dealing with some family issues. Anyways, how are you guys? I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts. However, are you looking for a good place to eat for lunch? Do you like Asian food? Well, I know the perfect place for you and your family and/or friends.

This place is called Kim Su Seafood Restaurant otherwise known as “Dim Sum”. It’s really good, I love it. This is the type of restaurant where the employees roll their food carts around and ask if you’d like anything from their cart. Each food item costs a certain amount of money and corresponds to a different box to be stamped in. I know it sounds confusing, but you’ll understand when you eat at a Dim Sum restaurant some day.

Primarily meat eaters come to dine here for lunch, hence the word “seafood” in the name of this restaurant, but there’s also vegetarian food. I’ve been a vegetarian for around two weeks and I still find plenty of vegetarian food to eat there. There’s tofu soup, vegetable plates with a delicious sauce on it, vegetarian meatballs, pastries, etc. If you’ve been a long term vegetarian and aren’t comfortable with the smell of meat, then this place isn’t the best place for you.

If you’re a seafood lover, this place is definitely a place you should put on your bucket list. This place is known for their lobster. When I wasn’t vegetarian, I would be so excited to eat it. There’s this yellow thing that I would always get, it’s called “Shu Mai”. Oh my goodness, it’s so good. Of course there’s so much to choose from. I’ve gone for countless times and I still have so many things that I want to try. You can also have special events here. Everyone will love it.

Too lazy to go out and eat there? Well, Lucky for you, there’s the option of getting takeout.


Now I’m hungry. I hope you guys give this place a try. It’s definitely worth it. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Love you. ❤

Hannah xx


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