Damn son look at that dim sum!

capital 2

Hello hello!

Today our food journey takes us to the wonderful Chinese food known as dim sum at Capital Seafood. Dim sum is traditionally eaten in the morning, so don’t expect to find any restaurants doing the traditional dim sum service past 11 AM. What makes dim sum unique is the way they are made and served. Most dim sum is steamed or roasted and served in the steamer tray. Instead of ordering from a menu, patrons are served premade dim sum in little carts that roam around the restaurant, creating a truly unique experience. Capital’s dim sum is one of the best around, with the freshly made dim sum exploding in your mouth with flavor. The shumai, one of the most common dim sum dishes, is perfectly tender and seasoned, with just the right amount of salt. Capital’s variety is unmatched, ranging from traditional dishes like shumai to rarer dishes like chicken feet or mochi dumplings filled with scallops.


Of course, when you talk about dim sum, you can’t forget about the tea. The type of tea served varies on the restaurant, but capital serves a fragrant herbal white tea. It’s the perfect complement to the often greasy dim sum. The hot tea washes down all the grease and cleanses your palette, preparing you for another delicious bite of steamy dim sum. It’s only fitting that dim sum has become one of the most recognizable Chinese foods in the world since it was originally founded for travelers, tired from a long trek down the Silk Road, served at roadside teahouses. Just as tired travelers stopped by a teahouse to get some dim sum, I always stop by Capital, and I hope you do too!



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