Fine Sugars: Sugarfina

Candy is delicious. Sugarfina candy is delicious and pretty. Almost too pretty that you do not want to eat it! If you have never been to Sugarfina, South Coast Plaza located in Costa Mesa recently had an opening of this petite candy shop. Shoppers can enter to browse at the beautiful displays and decor, or have samples of the various, unique candies.

The variety of candies Sugarfina has is exotic and very interesting. The store holds wine filled gummy bears, chocolate covered kumquats, and pumpkin pie caramels. The candy at Sugarfina is definitely of elegance and elite, although anybody is welcome to taste the savoring sweets.


simplistic and clean

The history of the chain began as a sweet love story. Where two individuals, Rosie and Josh, had dreamt of having a boutique of gourmet candies. Thus, they traveled around the world to taste various candies and chocolates. From those tasted, they chose the best of the best to gather within the candy collection of Sugarfina. Livin’ the life indeed.

To make things even more glamorous, Sugarfina packages its candies in small, clear plastic boxes that are absolutely precious. The clear packages give emphasis to their candies and chocolates to make one’s taste buds water just browsing through the shop. Kits of the candy boxes are also sold too. There are birthday candy kits or anniversary kits filled with chosen sweets within medium to large sized Tiffany blue boxes. Most of the kits also have witty sayings underneath the top cap, such as “Anniversary is sweet.” You can also make your own custom boxes for a significant other or for yourself too!

Display of Sugarfina

Display of Sugarfina

Although a bit pricey, Sugarfina is a candy chain unlike no other. Exquisite and cute, the candy will win over any sweet, candy, chocolate lover’s heart.

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