SoundCloud, more like dream clouds

Hello Humans!

This week i wanted to try something a little different and talk about a website rather than a place. I know, crazy. But a website is just a domain right? So it’s almost the same thing. (You can tell i don’t get out much.) The website I wanted to talk about is SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a platform where people can put their music, podcasts, and virtually any sound piece they have, but no video! Its unique in the way you can have the app on your phone and listen to almost anything on the go, kind of like an audio book but YouYube version!

My favorite part of SoundCloud are all the remixes to music there are! Some really talented artists can make their start and build a fan base using this site and grow themselves from the ground up. A Youtuber i watch, MarkeMiller, Made a playlist with his boyfriend just for springtime that I LOVE! You can check their YouTube here and their playlist here.

My favorite artist to follow is MrSuicideSheep. He is an amazing DJ who shows some of the greatest songs and remixes them to sound even better! He has a YouTube with over 2 million subscribers, all just there to listen to music! You can check him out here. My favorite DJ and remixer of all time has to be Gryffin, just look for his name in the ()’s and you’ll know the music you’re about to listen to will be AMAZING! Always gets me in a great mood, or whatever mood I want to be put in in fact!

Besides the music, there are also podcasts, basically converstation that you get to listen in on. My two favorite are Shane and Friends Podcast, a very humerous podcast, featuring a new guest every week with the host Shane (rated R for you youngins). Listen here!  I also love Psycho Babble by Tyler Oakley, a random stream of consciousness with him and his best friend. You can listen here.

That’s all for today! Hopefully you guys check out and make some playlists of your own! Be sure to share them down below, and remember, it’s completely free! See you guys next week!



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  1. SAME OH MY GOSH ! I love Soundcloud, you get to explore everyone’s renditions of a certain song, and some are suuuuper good. I get so happy when I discover a good remake of a song. And it’s so much better than Pandora, you can actually pick a song of your choice. Souncloud is amazing.


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