Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet

Hello lovelies! How are you guys? I hope your weekend has been magnificent.

I’ve been having pretty stressful weeks lately, so my dad decided to take me to go out to eat at this buffet called Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet.

We usually go in the afternoons with my whole family to take advantage of their seafood. However, ever since my dad and I have converted to becoming a vegetarian, we figured that going here during lunch would be cheaper since they don’t offer foods such as crab during that time.

I love coming to this place. There’s so many varieties, especially as a meat eater. However, if you are a vegetarian, there are wonderful vegetarian dishes too. There’s a frying bar, where you put a variety of things you want onto your bowl, and the frier will fry it for you. It’s delicious, I promise.

This is my dad, and he whipped up some random vegetables to make this dish. There was imitation crab too, so we added it in. It tastes so much like the real thing. I’m not just saying that because I’m vegetarian. I’m saying that because it’s true.

Whenever I come here, it’s always so busy. It’s particularly busy for dinner. Everyone loves their crab and low prices.

I also love having their tofu sour soup. Oh my gosh, it’s like heaven. When I first ate it, I was like woah, this is really sour, but I eventually got used to it. Overtime I go here, I always get it last. I mean, best for last right? Actually, I take that back, I save ice cream for last, but you get the point.

Their ice cream doesn’t come from those yogurt machine looking things. They’re actually in containers. It’s unbelievably delicious. They also have popsicle sticks. Plenty of other desserts like cake and cookies if you’re not so into ice cream, but who isn’t into ice cream? If you want to take it home with you, it’s an additional dollar, I was honestly pretty tempted to pay an extra dollar just to take one home.

Eat to your heart’s, or stomach’s, content, and then you can go to the planet fitness which is right next door to it to work it off. 😉

When you pay, you of course get fortune cookies. I always look forward to reading the fortunes.

I hope you guys try this place out some day, I highly recommend it. Have a wonderful weekend, guys. ❤

Hannah xx


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