Waltz on Over to Walt’s Wharf

Hey readers! One of my most favorite seafood restaurants is definitely Walt’s Wharf. They have the freshest seafood delivered everyday, which makes their food taste 100 times better. My family and I just went there for dinner yesterday and just like every other time, we were blown away. The food is hands down spectacular and is great for lunch or dinner.

walts wharf

outside of the restaurant

My favorite dish is absolutely the Fresh Fish and Chips. The Atlantic Cod is beer battered and fried, giving it this ultra crisp coating that tastes superb with the tartar sauce. The cole slaw and french fires are perfect sides.

fish and chips

Fresh Fish and Chips

Last night, we tried the Mixed Seafood Grill for the first time, which was surely a good idea. It consisted of lobster tail, clams, jumbo shrimp, scallops, and fresh fish. All tasted incredible, and we were all satisfied.

mixed seafood grill

Mixed Seafood Grill

For dessert, we chose to share the Mudpie, which was to die for. It ended our meal beautifully and wasn’t too much for the four of us.



The wait usually isn’t that long when my family arrives, which is around 8 in the evening. We’re always the last customers in the restaurant, but the staff is extremely friendly and constantly makes sure we are comfortable. Our server said that rush hour, when the restaurant gets most crowded, is usually 5-6:30, so it’s best to avoid the restaurant during that time, if you don’t want to wait extra long.

Walt’s Wharf is located on Main Street in Seal Beach and is definitely worth the visit. Their food is incredible and I guarantee that you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Until next time readers!



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