Moderation and Working Out

I have a love hate relationship with food. Food is so delicious and honestly the best thing there is in this world that will make me happy. Yet, some foods, like the greasy curly fries from Jack in the Box or the large Sprinkles’ cupcakes, are so unhealthy to your body, that when you eat them there is instant remorse or the reminder of, “okay, I have to workout today.”

Food is great, yet food is not so great… but in the end it definitely leans towards the great side of the meter. You love the Costco deep fried churro and oily pizza. But let me tell you this, it is okay to love these foods and indulge in them. Just remember two key things if you would like to live a healthy lifestyle with such calories:

1) Try your best to eat in moderation. Craving a pizza? Eat only one slice and substitute vegetables with ranch or a breadstick and salad as the fillers. On special circumstances it is okay to indulge, but always make sure these circumstances are not every other week or so. Save these circumstances for special holidays like Thanksgiving Dinner or Easter Brunch!


2) Workout, exercise, repeat. Do cardio! Lift weights! Do some Blogilates on YouTube! I believe exercising is a very important aspect of your physical and mental being. Being involved in physical activity on a daily basis should be on everyone’s agenda. When you feel fit, trust me, you will be stronger, happier, and more confident. I’m handing this to you on a silver plate… simply exercise and your outlook on life and the possibilities it holds will be broadened.

Go to the gym! -Creative Commons Image by Ms. Phoenix

Go to the gym! -Creative Commons Image by Ms. Phoenix

or stay at home and exercise with Blogilates!

Here is a list of some gym facilities located in Orange County! Feel free to visit their websites linked to check out their amenities.

Los Cabelleros at Fountain Valley

Innovative Results at Costa Mesa

Crossfit Ethos at Laguna

Jungle Fitness at Irvine

These facilities are more intimate, I believe, than the 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness. Go exercise today!


*All information posted is my opinion of what is best for a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!


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  1. WOW ! These are some great tips on how to reach that summer bod !!! I will definitely take your advice on replacing my beloved pantry of junk foods to a whole garden of vegetables ! It’ll be hard, but hey, SUMMER BODY HERE I COME !!!!


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