Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum Entrance

Bowers Museum Entrance

Hey readers! A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Museum of Latin American Art and how I wanted to visit more museums, and it looks like I’m back at it. Last Sunday, I visited Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, which focuses on Asian and Pacific Island art, and it was just as great as my last museum visit. All the artifacts were truly breathtaking and did not fail to amaze me.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Warriors

The museum was a fairly good size. I came about mid-day and still had enough time to look at all of the museums before closing time, without having to rush reading through all of the descriptions. My favorite part was definitely being able to look at all of the Terra Cotta sculptures of warriors and animals from a certain time period. There’s a local history section that was also very impressive. The carved tusk, pictured down below, was also a crowd favorite.

Carved tusk from the Qing Dynasty

Carved tusk from the Qing Dynasty

Traveling exhibits make their way to Bowers Museum all the time, and are probably the most popular. Weekends when famous exhibits come are usually the most crowded, but taking the time to go is completely worth it. Every first Sunday of the month is free, and parking is free if you eat at Tangata.

Bowers Museum is a great opportunity to view quality art up close. There are plenty of beautiful artifacts and exhibits to enjoy, all with important history. If you’re looking for somewhere to experience a fun-filled historical blast from the past, Bower Museum is the place to go, so please check it out readers!

Until next time guys!



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