The Taco Treasure: Part 1

chav2Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!! Who doesn’t love a good street taco?

In this two part blog post series, I explore the wonderful happenstances known as taco trucks in Orange County. In the first installment, our subject is… the El Chavito Taco Truck. A favorite of high schoolers, El Chavito embodies the essence of Mexican street food; a cheap price and delicious finger food. At El Chavito, they do exactly that. Immediately after I place an order with the owner himself, I can smell the delicious carnitas hitting the grill. The smell of fresh corn tortillas and delicious meat is half the experience. Then, as I hear my number called, I feel my mouth water. As I raise the taco to my mouth to take a bite, I feel my hands began to dampen in excitement. The first bite brings a perfect flood of salty meat, refreshing lettuce, and roasted tortilla. A quick bite of crunchy radish refreshes my palate, clearing the way for another delicious bite.


The owner of El Chavito knows his customer base to a dime and gives them exactly what they want; cheap, savory tacos. Even after he was forced to raise the price of his tacos last year, instead of raising it to 80 cents as many regulars feared, he managed to keep the prices at a low 50 cents a taco. In turn, his customer base has returned the kindness, spreading the tale of his great tacos, and making the owner successful enough to start a second truck! Anytime you’re in Huntington Beach, El Chavito Taco Truck comes with a glowing recommendation. Tune in tomorrow to see the next truck UndrgrndOC visits: Rigoberto’s.



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