The Taco Treasure: Part 2

Oh no!! Can it be??? It’s the Holy Grail of taco trucks!!!! Rigoberto’s!!!!!!rig1

On part 2 of our dashing journey to find the best taco truck in Orange County, we stop by the humble Rigoberto’s. The truck here has laid claim to his corner in an unusual way, fencing off an area, setting up tables, and even installing a miniature bathroom for his customers. In the truck, you can see the owner taking the orders himself, his son working the grill in the back, and his wife handing down the plates smothered in Mexican goodness. Just like El Chavito, the other taco truck we visited yesterday, the owner of Rigoberto’s cares about community. On an average corner in Huntington Beach, in an average looking truck, Rigoberto’s food is extraordinary. Although the truck is a little more pricey than El Chavito, the selection at Rigoberto’s is definitely worth it. Ranging from tostadas to burritos to the classic street taco,  Rigoberto’s is more than a taco truck. The various meats served here are what makes it special though. The magician behind the grill transforms the oddiest things, like beef brains, pork skin, and intestine into some of the most savory tacos in the county. All of the meats at Rigoberto’s are marinated in their secret blends of spices and their signature salsa ladled on top of freshly cut onions and limes creates a burst of Baja California in your mouth.

rig2While both taco trucks are definitely top notch in terms of their taco mastery, I must say, the selection of specially prepared meats sets Rigoberto’s apart, edging out El Chavito by a sprig of cilantro.



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