Cream Pan creams other Dessert Shops!?

Hey readers! This weeks food journey takes us to this little shop in Tustin that specializes in dessert. The food there is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I am more than 100% positive that they could get rid of all their food and still thrive on only selling dessert.

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Yesterday, my two sisters and I went to Cream Pan, right across the street from Tustin High School. As we were leaving, my little sister decided to shout “Cream Pan creams other dessert shops!” She thought it the most clever thing she ever said and gave out a couple high-fives to the people close enough. It definitely gave the employees and other customers a laugh, leaving my older sister and I to run out of there as fast as we could.

Cream Pan is no doubt, one of our favorite places to get dessert. After eating KBBQ at Gen (click to read the post written by Bree about the location in Huntington Beach), we decided to indulge ourselves with my favorite; strawberry croissants.

Strawberry Croissants

Strawberry Croissants

Each croissant is baked to this perfect flaky goodness, filled with their special daily-made cream and two of the sweetest strawberry slice, and topped with powdered sugar. It’s like heaven on earth. My sisters are more suckers for their other croissants, which I will admit, are just as good.

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Everything here is honestly just SO tasty! My sisters and I love it here, and if it were any closer, I’m sure that we would go everyday. If you’re ever in the area, I say that Cream Pan is a must go for great dessert. Please enjoy!

Until next time guys!



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  1. Oh my that looks so good I’ve been meaning to try that place out! Thanks for letting me know that they sell other food too other than those strawberry croissants I see all the time on Instagram haha. Your detailed description of the croissants almost made me cry..I’m so hungry. Cute blog post!!

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