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Hello Humans!

So this past weekend I was fortunate enough to go on a mini vacation to San Francisco! It was so much fun to go up north with one of my closest friends and see my favorite youth leader (and practically my mom) on her campus at USF. She took us to all the best places in San Fran, so if you’re willing to branch out of OC and come into the city, then please read as I explain how to truly Enjoy Vegetarian.

A little Chinese owned restaurant called Enjoy Vegetarian is an all vegan eatery with all types of soups, broths, and meat substitutes. As a carnivore myself i was a little skeptic, and being unfamiliar with the place I sat there staring at the menu until my friends ordered for me. We eventually got to eating two plates of fried rice, broccoli beef, and the most delicious shrimp I’ve ever eaten. And as someone who is allergic to shellfish, that means quite a lot. The shrimp were actually yams served with some nuts sprinkled around them, and they were truly amazing. Along with the shrimp, the fried rice was a nice side to have with the main meals. They also serve in large portions for the table, so needless to say I was digging in.

Besides what we ordered, there are plenty of soups and lunch options such as spring rolls or drumsticks. They do have a very Asian flavor to them, as the restaurant would be described as vegan sushi. The food is also not very greasy, though it could do with less, and the price is decent enough for the meat substitutes they have to use. All in all it’s worth a nice meal with friends or family.

Photo by Maya S. Yelp reviews

Photo by Maya S. Yelp reviews

I really hope you guys check this place out if you’re ever in the area. If you can bear to find parking, it is such an enjoyable meal. The restaurant is small enough to have a nice time with the people you came with, and the servers were so nice, always asking if we needed anything. And please, order the shrimp.

Happy Eating!



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  1. Im glad you enjoy Vegetarian food. It’s so healthy for you and tastes delicious! Sometime’s I can’t believe it’s actually VEGETARIAN food, it tastes so much like the real thing. The place you mentioned sounds so good ! I’ll definitely check that place out when I head to SanFran this summer.


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