Build-A-Bear Workshop

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? I hope you guys have had a fantastic week.

So today, I had my early birthday dinner with my family at Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet. Afterwards, my Uncle and his girlfriend surprised me by taking us all to Downtown Disney. Originally, I thought that we were just going to walk around the area and get some kettle corn to watch the fireworks show, but my uncle’s girlfriend took me into Build-A-Bear Workshop. I was so fascinated. There were two levels, when I walked in, it was so amazing. There were happy kids everywhere, every employee was smiling and happy to help their clients.


I was looking around, kind of sad because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go home with one. I wanted to walk around to admire the different teddy bears and quickly get out so that I wouldn’t be so disappointed that I wasn’t able to bring one home. However, my uncle’s girlfriend asked if I wanted one. Of course, I didn’t want her to waste her money on me, so I said, “No thank you.” She insisted though, so why not? I was so excited. I let her choose my bear though. She was pretty excited too. It was as if we ere 5 year olds again.

11201221_981382841886407_1654683311_oShe chose Pumpkin. I know it doesn’t look cute, but here comes the good part. We get to fill it in with fluff, we get to choose if it makes adorable noises or if it should smell. I chose to make it smell like strawberries. You repeat the words that the worker says to you. We seal the heart with a kiss, then we put it into the bear and seal it up nicely.

11186223_981413455216679_1991499048_nThey chose the dress. During the whole process though, I was just thinking that it must be so expensive, I felt so happy, yet so bad that it would cost them so much. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to give it a proper name and a birth certificate. I wanted to name her Sheepy. Oh gosh, how I feel like such a kid. We bought her and she got her own “home”.


The experience was just great. I left the place, with a giant smile. I couldn’t thank my uncle’s girlfriend enough. My brother was a bit jealous, but it was worth it. If you guys haven’t made a Build-A-Bear yet, I recommend going to the one in Downtown Disney. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Photo on 4-26-15 at 10.25 PM #2

I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Hannah xx


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