Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

capt-dave-s-dolphin-whale (2)

“Lots and lots of dolphins, including a very small and active baby dolphin, probably not the correct term for a juvenile porpoise but hey ho, baby dolphin is good for me.”capt-dave-s-dolphin-whale

“This was the best thing we did our entire vacation. We went with our 2 sons (16 & 15) and they weren’t as excited as I was to do this as I was, but by the end of the tour they agreed that it was the coolest thing we had done. We took an 8am cruise and it was gorgeous.”capt-dave-s-dolphin-whale (1)“We saw a number of grey whales and a very large pod of dolphins! The crew was amazing. Their experience, knowledge, and desire to have others enjoy the ocean as much as they do was evident. Their excitement upon finding dolphins and whales and seeing them surface made it clear that they truly love their jobs!”

-Bree Lee


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  1. Omg I’ve been here once with my family also ! It’s so cool being that close to the dolphins but unfortunately I didn’t get to see any whales. Hopefully next time I go, I’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of the largest animal in the world!


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