How to get through High Schooooooooooooooool *-*

Hey guys! I’m back. Again.
This is for all the incoming freshmen. Hopefully this prepares you what seems hard. (;

Step one: Develop Relationships
Okay, I don’t mean a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of thing but friends. Who are you going to associate yourself with? When people enter highschool for the first time, they put up this front thinking it’s a great way to change yourself, a new place where no one knows you quite yet. But really, it won’t do you any good.
Avoid people who put you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Hang around people who you enjoy hanging around with.

Step two: Join Clubs!
Alright, so this is more of an extension of step one but hey, it’s definitely something. You want to involve yourself as soon as you get in high school. Yeah grades are important but so is your stress level. This is a great break through to get used to the people around you. Also, you could make new friends!
Not only that, you get to be around people with the same hobbies as you!

It’s ok to take breaks in between but don’t say “I’ll do it in 5 mintues, I’ll do it later, I still have time.”
It’s better to get everything done early and be relaxed later. Some people say that they do better when they’re pressured under time but that’s just because you’re putting in half the energy, trying to put together something you could do SO much better in. Plus, that is so NOT good for your mental health. Think of yourself physically and mentally. You’ll have a much better time in high school if you put together some sort of a system. Whether it’s a schedule or some other method. Just get USED to it.

Step four: Don’t over work yourself.
Yeah a lot of other people have great grades while they’re doing superb in multiple extracurricular activities. BUT. Can you? I made the mistake of saying, I can. I ended up doing everything just fine but I stressed myself out A LOT. It affected me and those around me. Don’t let that be you. Know your limits. (But do not just flow through high school either, push yourself up to a point where you can grow, not drown.)

-Bree signing out


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