Hello Humans!

It’s definitely been a while, but hello again and welcome back to reading my words about random food places. Don’t worry I still love food and writing about it. So this week, getting ready for the blazing heat of summer in southern California, I wanted to talk about ice cream. But not just ice cream, frozen yogurt! No, wait… Gelato!! Gelato is more special than plain ice cream or froyo, it’s Italian. We’re very culturally diverse here.

The main difference between ice cream and Gelato is the name, as Gelato is basically ice cream in Italian. But, besides that the way Gelato is made is much healthier than the way ice cream is made, well as much as Gelato can be healthy. Gelato is made with about 25% less butterfat, the worst part of ice cream. It is also made with real fruits, nuts, and chocolates, not any of the syrups or chemically made ingredients that bigger food chains use for ice cream. It’s also made at about 15 degrees lower than ice cream, making it a bit more soft serve and faster melting in your mouth, having the flavor hit you immediately.

Mangiamo Gelato Caffe by

Now that you know the background of Gelato, you gotta find a place to go! There’s this little hole-in-the-wall shop in Huntington Beach near FVHS Mangiamo Gelato Cafee by called Mangiamo Gelato Caffe. It’s a tiny and super cute place that has a bunch of flavors, all with these vibrant and delicious looking colors. They even have a mystery flavor every week! This week it was birthday, super yummy! They also serve it in this tiny cup with a neon color flat spoon, even better for scooping this soft-hard Gelato.

DIfferent flavors of Gelato by

So, if you’re having a hot day and you need to cool down, go down to Mangiamo Gelato Caffe and try some Gelato! It’s super yummy and never lets me down. The flavor of Gelato just tastes smoother and seems to last longer in your mouth, making you want more! Careful not to eat too much for that summer bod. Until next time!


Mitasie 3

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been? I hope it has been fantastic. Summer is just around the corner. What does that mean? School’s almost out! When school’s out, that means you need places to hang out. I know that there aren’t a lot of vegetarians out there, but if you are a vegetarian (or a vegan) I know how hard it is to find a place to eat. My dad and I are both vegetarians. We’re always looking for a place that we can eat at, but we’re kind of tired of looking through menus and asking the waiters if they could substitute the meat for something like mushrooms.

On Friday, I was talking to my friend, Ari. I was wondering if she had a hard time finding a place to eat as well since she’s a vegetarian. She told me it is difficult sometimes, but she’s been going to this place called Mitasie 3. I have never heard of this place in my entire life, yet it has 489 reviews on yelp. I went on yelp, and already, I am fascinated by the variety of food there was at this place. There were meals that looked like actual meat. I wanted to try it, so that day, I asked my Dad if he wanted to try it out and he said okay.

When we got there, there were so many things that I wanted to eat. My brother immediately got attached to the desert menu, particularly the chocolate vegan cake. I’m not very fond of chocolate cakes, but this cake was so moist. It was the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my entire life. But of course, that’s my opinion.


Other than the cake, I had pad thai. Oh my gosh. I have been looking for a place that has really good pad thai, and this is the place. It had the perfect sauce, the texture was amazing, everything about it just has me speechless. I’d like to add that my dad is a very picky eater and he fell in love with this place, so that’s definitely saying something. Plus, we’re Vietnamese. We’re pretty picky people.

If you’re a vegetarian and you’re having a party, but you’re tired of taking your friends out to a place full of meat, I recommend this place. They’ll be so surprised that the stuff that they’ll be eating isn’t meat. I really hope you guys do try out this place whether you’re a vegetarian or not. Here’s their yelp page if you guys want to see what other people thought about this place. There’s so many pictures. Forewarning, you’ll be drooling.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Hannah xx

Enjoy Vegetarian

Hello Humans!

So this past weekend I was fortunate enough to go on a mini vacation to San Francisco! It was so much fun to go up north with one of my closest friends and see my favorite youth leader (and practically my mom) on her campus at USF. She took us to all the best places in San Fran, so if you’re willing to branch out of OC and come into the city, then please read as I explain how to truly Enjoy Vegetarian.

A little Chinese owned restaurant called Enjoy Vegetarian is an all vegan eatery with all types of soups, broths, and meat substitutes. As a carnivore myself i was a little skeptic, and being unfamiliar with the place I sat there staring at the menu until my friends ordered for me. We eventually got to eating two plates of fried rice, broccoli beef, and the most delicious shrimp I’ve ever eaten. And as someone who is allergic to shellfish, that means quite a lot. The shrimp were actually yams served with some nuts sprinkled around them, and they were truly amazing. Along with the shrimp, the fried rice was a nice side to have with the main meals. They also serve in large portions for the table, so needless to say I was digging in.

Besides what we ordered, there are plenty of soups and lunch options such as spring rolls or drumsticks. They do have a very Asian flavor to them, as the restaurant would be described as vegan sushi. The food is also not very greasy, though it could do with less, and the price is decent enough for the meat substitutes they have to use. All in all it’s worth a nice meal with friends or family.

Photo by Maya S. Yelp reviews

Photo by Maya S. Yelp reviews

I really hope you guys check this place out if you’re ever in the area. If you can bear to find parking, it is such an enjoyable meal. The restaurant is small enough to have a nice time with the people you came with, and the servers were so nice, always asking if we needed anything. And please, order the shrimp.

Happy Eating!


Cream Pan creams other Dessert Shops!?

Hey readers! This weeks food journey takes us to this little shop in Tustin that specializes in dessert. The food there is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I am more than 100% positive that they could get rid of all their food and still thrive on only selling dessert.

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Yesterday, my two sisters and I went to Cream Pan, right across the street from Tustin High School. As we were leaving, my little sister decided to shout “Cream Pan creams other dessert shops!” She thought it the most clever thing she ever said and gave out a couple high-fives to the people close enough. It definitely gave the employees and other customers a laugh, leaving my older sister and I to run out of there as fast as we could.

Cream Pan is no doubt, one of our favorite places to get dessert. After eating KBBQ at Gen (click to read the post written by Bree about the location in Huntington Beach), we decided to indulge ourselves with my favorite; strawberry croissants.

Strawberry Croissants

Strawberry Croissants

Each croissant is baked to this perfect flaky goodness, filled with their special daily-made cream and two of the sweetest strawberry slice, and topped with powdered sugar. It’s like heaven on earth. My sisters are more suckers for their other croissants, which I will admit, are just as good.

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Everything here is honestly just SO tasty! My sisters and I love it here, and if it were any closer, I’m sure that we would go everyday. If you’re ever in the area, I say that Cream Pan is a must go for great dessert. Please enjoy!

Until next time guys!


Bo De Tinh Tam Chay

Hello lovelies! How has your week been? I hope it’s been really amazing because mine has been really stressful. Anyways, I did not come here to talk about my week. I’m here to introduce you guys to a vegetarian restaurant that I really love. This place is called Bo De Tinh Tam Chay. I know that I’m the only vegetarian person in this group, and there are plenty of vegetarians out there that might run into our blog, so I figured that I should write about the vegetarian places I love. Hopefully you guys will come to enjoy it just as much as I do. The restaurant is owned by a Buddhist family, so there will be a bunch of Buddhist symbols around the whole restaurant. When you walk into the restaurant, you feel a very warm feeling. You feel very welcome because there’s so many plants around the whole place.


The place isn’t too bright, but it isn’t too dark. It’s pretty clean to me, so you won’t feel uncomfortable eating here. The workers are also really nice and are always smiling. They’re always there to help you guys with whatever you need, so hopefully they get good tips.

Each time I come here, I always get the Pho Ap Chao Don. It’s basically fried flat noodles with a bunch of vegetables and tofu. The sauce is also amazing. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it right now.


Picture: Pho Ap Chao Don – Yelp – Poupee C.

Do you guys like soups? Their hot pots are pretty amazing. It’s a bit sour, but I think that’s just perfect. There’s also Pho and Bun Bo Hue. If you aren’t Vietnamese and have no idea what any of these things are and you’re a vegetarian, you should definitely go here if you want to try it and actually have a good experience.

Don’t like soups? There’s also a variety of dishes with rice. Asians love their rice. Yummy! I always get the pho Ap Chao Don, but my brother gets the Com Tam. It’s really good. Oh my goodness, you should try it. I always eat some of his, but it’s fine since he eats off of my dish too. It always comes with a vegetable soup. It’s really refreshing. I recommend this dish. I actually recommend everything from this shop. Haha…


Picture: Com Tam Chay – Yelp – Anna K.

I have to go now. 😦 Until next time, lovelies. :)!

Hannah xx

The Taco Treasure: Part 2

Oh no!! Can it be??? It’s the Holy Grail of taco trucks!!!! Rigoberto’s!!!!!!rig1

On part 2 of our dashing journey to find the best taco truck in Orange County, we stop by the humble Rigoberto’s. The truck here has laid claim to his corner in an unusual way, fencing off an area, setting up tables, and even installing a miniature bathroom for his customers. In the truck, you can see the owner taking the orders himself, his son working the grill in the back, and his wife handing down the plates smothered in Mexican goodness. Just like El Chavito, the other taco truck we visited yesterday, the owner of Rigoberto’s cares about community. On an average corner in Huntington Beach, in an average looking truck, Rigoberto’s food is extraordinary. Although the truck is a little more pricey than El Chavito, the selection at Rigoberto’s is definitely worth it. Ranging from tostadas to burritos to the classic street taco,  Rigoberto’s is more than a taco truck. The various meats served here are what makes it special though. The magician behind the grill transforms the oddiest things, like beef brains, pork skin, and intestine into some of the most savory tacos in the county. All of the meats at Rigoberto’s are marinated in their secret blends of spices and their signature salsa ladled on top of freshly cut onions and limes creates a burst of Baja California in your mouth.

rig2While both taco trucks are definitely top notch in terms of their taco mastery, I must say, the selection of specially prepared meats sets Rigoberto’s apart, edging out El Chavito by a sprig of cilantro.


The Crabbiest Festival

WOW WHAT’S THAT! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…. crab?

Hello everybody, today we’re going to visit an awesome annual event called Crabfest, hosted by the Huntington Beach Lions Club and the various LEO Clubs in the district. If you thought Crabfest was all about crab, you’re wrong! At Crabfest, not only was their succulent, all-you-can-eat crab knuckles and legs, but accompanying the star dishes were shrimp, clam chowder, and a tasty Italian vinaigrette salad, along with raffles to win amazing prizes like iPads or vacations. Though the focus of the night is on the crab, to me, nothing can beat the pippin’ hot, freshly made clam chowder, scooped up in still warm bread. The dry crunch from the bread and the creaminess of the clam chowder create a bite of food like no other.


The servers of the spectacular seafood are none other the LEOs from the various clubs. LEO Clubs stand for Leadership Experience Opporunity Clubs and are high school based clubs from around the world. Lions Club, the organization that is hosting the Crabfest, is the mother club of the LEO clubs and is one of the largest volunteer service organizations around the world. A majority of the proceeds of the night go back to the LEO clubs, with half of all sales being given to support the high school clubs. The only thing better than delicious food is supporting charities and students at the same time. The only downside is it comes once a year. The next time you’re in Orange County in the Spring, be sure to attend the Lions Club Crabfest for a night to remember.



Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet

Hello lovelies! How are you guys? I hope your weekend has been magnificent.

I’ve been having pretty stressful weeks lately, so my dad decided to take me to go out to eat at this buffet called Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet.

We usually go in the afternoons with my whole family to take advantage of their seafood. However, ever since my dad and I have converted to becoming a vegetarian, we figured that going here during lunch would be cheaper since they don’t offer foods such as crab during that time.

I love coming to this place. There’s so many varieties, especially as a meat eater. However, if you are a vegetarian, there are wonderful vegetarian dishes too. There’s a frying bar, where you put a variety of things you want onto your bowl, and the frier will fry it for you. It’s delicious, I promise.

This is my dad, and he whipped up some random vegetables to make this dish. There was imitation crab too, so we added it in. It tastes so much like the real thing. I’m not just saying that because I’m vegetarian. I’m saying that because it’s true.

Whenever I come here, it’s always so busy. It’s particularly busy for dinner. Everyone loves their crab and low prices.

I also love having their tofu sour soup. Oh my gosh, it’s like heaven. When I first ate it, I was like woah, this is really sour, but I eventually got used to it. Overtime I go here, I always get it last. I mean, best for last right? Actually, I take that back, I save ice cream for last, but you get the point.

Their ice cream doesn’t come from those yogurt machine looking things. They’re actually in containers. It’s unbelievably delicious. They also have popsicle sticks. Plenty of other desserts like cake and cookies if you’re not so into ice cream, but who isn’t into ice cream? If you want to take it home with you, it’s an additional dollar, I was honestly pretty tempted to pay an extra dollar just to take one home.

Eat to your heart’s, or stomach’s, content, and then you can go to the planet fitness which is right next door to it to work it off. 😉

When you pay, you of course get fortune cookies. I always look forward to reading the fortunes.

I hope you guys try this place out some day, I highly recommend it. Have a wonderful weekend, guys. ❤

Hannah xx

Waltz on Over to Walt’s Wharf

Hey readers! One of my most favorite seafood restaurants is definitely Walt’s Wharf. They have the freshest seafood delivered everyday, which makes their food taste 100 times better. My family and I just went there for dinner yesterday and just like every other time, we were blown away. The food is hands down spectacular and is great for lunch or dinner.

walts wharf

outside of the restaurant

My favorite dish is absolutely the Fresh Fish and Chips. The Atlantic Cod is beer battered and fried, giving it this ultra crisp coating that tastes superb with the tartar sauce. The cole slaw and french fires are perfect sides.

fish and chips

Fresh Fish and Chips

Last night, we tried the Mixed Seafood Grill for the first time, which was surely a good idea. It consisted of lobster tail, clams, jumbo shrimp, scallops, and fresh fish. All tasted incredible, and we were all satisfied.

mixed seafood grill

Mixed Seafood Grill

For dessert, we chose to share the Mudpie, which was to die for. It ended our meal beautifully and wasn’t too much for the four of us.



The wait usually isn’t that long when my family arrives, which is around 8 in the evening. We’re always the last customers in the restaurant, but the staff is extremely friendly and constantly makes sure we are comfortable. Our server said that rush hour, when the restaurant gets most crowded, is usually 5-6:30, so it’s best to avoid the restaurant during that time, if you don’t want to wait extra long.

Walt’s Wharf is located on Main Street in Seal Beach and is definitely worth the visit. Their food is incredible and I guarantee that you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Until next time readers!


Fine Sugars: Sugarfina

Candy is delicious. Sugarfina candy is delicious and pretty. Almost too pretty that you do not want to eat it! If you have never been to Sugarfina, South Coast Plaza located in Costa Mesa recently had an opening of this petite candy shop. Shoppers can enter to browse at the beautiful displays and decor, or have samples of the various, unique candies.

The variety of candies Sugarfina has is exotic and very interesting. The store holds wine filled gummy bears, chocolate covered kumquats, and pumpkin pie caramels. The candy at Sugarfina is definitely of elegance and elite, although anybody is welcome to taste the savoring sweets.


simplistic and clean

The history of the chain began as a sweet love story. Where two individuals, Rosie and Josh, had dreamt of having a boutique of gourmet candies. Thus, they traveled around the world to taste various candies and chocolates. From those tasted, they chose the best of the best to gather within the candy collection of Sugarfina. Livin’ the life indeed.

To make things even more glamorous, Sugarfina packages its candies in small, clear plastic boxes that are absolutely precious. The clear packages give emphasis to their candies and chocolates to make one’s taste buds water just browsing through the shop. Kits of the candy boxes are also sold too. There are birthday candy kits or anniversary kits filled with chosen sweets within medium to large sized Tiffany blue boxes. Most of the kits also have witty sayings underneath the top cap, such as “Anniversary is sweet.” You can also make your own custom boxes for a significant other or for yourself too!

Display of Sugarfina

Display of Sugarfina

Although a bit pricey, Sugarfina is a candy chain unlike no other. Exquisite and cute, the candy will win over any sweet, candy, chocolate lover’s heart.

Stylishly signing,