LEGO Imagination Center

Hello lovelies! I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is great, thank you. (: So who loves LEGOs? I know I do, except for stepping on them of course. I’ve always loved LEGOs. Since I was a kid, I loved building the tallest towers with my younger brother. Not too long ago, my family went to DownTown Disney and we came across this massive LEGO Imagination Center. This was literally a child’s dream place to be. It was crazy crowded, but my eyes were set on the massive lego sculptures or whatever you want to call it. My dad took a picture with one!


Even my dad was fascinated about all the LEGOs. Need a present to give to your kid for their birthday? Well, you know where to go. I’m not going to lie, I probably had more fun in here than my brother. I wanted to build my own things. They had a spot for you to do that. Oh my goodness. There’s nothing bad about this place. Well, if you don’t like a place that’s a bit too overpopulated with kids, then this isn’t your place. I basically stood there for 3 minutes with my dad admiring this work of art.


Yep, I was pretty mind blown. It was so massive and cool. Gosh, I wished you all could see it. Look at that dragon behind there. I sound like a five year old right now, but if you were there, that’s how you would feel. Young and free. Of course, it’s not Disneyland, but if you come from a family that likes walking around DownTown Disney and watch the fireworks at night, you should definitely stop by here and check everything out, maybe buy something. ūüėČ

Have fun!

Hannah xx

Mitasie 3

Hello lovelies! How has your weekend been? I hope it has been fantastic. Summer is just around the corner. What does that mean? School’s almost out! When school’s out, that means you need places to hang out. I know that there aren’t a lot of vegetarians out there, but if you are a vegetarian (or a vegan) I know how hard it is to find a place to eat. My dad and I are both vegetarians. We’re always looking for a place that we can eat at, but we’re kind of tired of looking through menus and asking the waiters if they could substitute the meat for something like mushrooms.

On Friday, I was talking to my friend, Ari. I was wondering if she had a hard time finding a place to eat as well since she’s a vegetarian. She told me it is difficult sometimes, but she’s been going to this place called Mitasie 3. I have never heard of this place in my entire life, yet it has 489 reviews on yelp. I went on yelp, and already, I am fascinated by the variety of food there was at this place. There were meals that looked like actual meat. I wanted to try it, so that day, I asked my Dad if he wanted to try it out and he said okay.

When we got there, there were so many things that I wanted to eat. My brother immediately got attached to the desert menu, particularly the chocolate vegan cake. I’m not very fond of chocolate cakes, but this cake was so moist. It was the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my entire life. But of course, that’s my opinion.


Other than the cake, I had pad thai. Oh my gosh. I have been looking for a place that has really good pad thai, and this is the place. It had the perfect sauce, the texture was amazing, everything about it just has me speechless. I’d like to add that my dad is a very picky eater and he fell in love with this place, so that’s definitely saying something. Plus, we’re Vietnamese. We’re pretty picky people.

If you’re a vegetarian and you’re having a party, but you’re tired of taking your friends out to a place full of meat, I recommend this place. They’ll be so surprised that the stuff that they’ll be eating isn’t meat. I really hope you guys do try out this place whether you’re a vegetarian or not. Here’s their yelp page if you guys want to see what other people thought about this place. There’s so many pictures. Forewarning, you’ll be drooling.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Hannah xx

Cream Pan creams other Dessert Shops!?

Hey readers! This weeks food journey takes us to this little shop in Tustin that specializes in dessert. The food there is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I am more than 100% positive that they could get rid of all their food and still thrive on only selling dessert.

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Yesterday, my two sisters and I went to Cream Pan, right across the street from Tustin High School. As we were leaving, my little sister decided to shout “Cream Pan creams other dessert shops!” She thought it the most clever thing she ever said and gave out a couple high-fives to the people close enough. It definitely gave the employees and other customers a laugh, leaving my older sister and I to run out of there as fast as we could.

Cream Pan is no doubt, one of our favorite places to get dessert. After eating KBBQ at Gen (click to read the post written by Bree about the location in Huntington Beach), we decided to indulge ourselves with my favorite; strawberry croissants.

Strawberry Croissants

Strawberry Croissants

Each croissant is baked to this perfect flaky goodness, filled with their special daily-made cream and two of the sweetest strawberry slice, and topped with powdered sugar. It’s like heaven on earth. My sisters are more suckers for their other croissants, which I will admit, are just as good.

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Everything here is honestly just SO tasty! My sisters and I love it here, and if it were any closer, I’m sure that we would go everyday. If you’re ever in the area, I say that Cream Pan is a must go for great dessert. Please enjoy!

Until next time guys!


Mouse Adventure

Hello Humans!

Hopefully you all enjoyed your spring breaks! One of the best places to go when you have a day (or a week) off is Disneyland! I’ve talked of Disneyland in previous posts, it’s just such a wonderful place that I thought i’d talk about it more! This time, however, I wanted to talk about Mouse Adventure, an event that takes place in Disneyland that makes you look at the park in a whole new way. A giant Disneyland Scavenger Hunt!

If you were ever getting bored of the repetitiveness of Disney, Mouse Adventure is the perfect way to put a spin on your day at Disney! Fair warning, if when you do the scavenger hurt, you’re fully focused on that, so you probably won’t have time to go on rides and shop, but you’ll have way more fun spending time solving puzzles and riddles!

Mouse Adventure is twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer, and they always have a different theme to them. In the previous years I’ve gone, there’s been a deck of cards theme, where every clue was given on a different face card. There was reindeer games, where everything was Christmas themed and you had solve riddles to find out the reindeer’s name. All in all it’s a very fun and family friendly race around Disney, trying to prove you’re a mega fan! Now this isn’t all just fun and games, there are also prizes of up to 3,000$ for the top teams, the ones that try to solve the hardest puzzles before the end of the day. It can be competitive and it is always fun, so why not give it a try the next time it comes around!

There’s also a team costume contest as well. Come dressed with your three teammates in a little theme and win more prizes! Be sure you can race around in them though, here are a few pictures of previous teams’ costumes.

If you are interested, here’s the website for all the details.

Maybe this will spice up your Disneyland vacation life! It truly is a lot of fun and you can enter with your family in a family section. Until next time!


California Adventure

Hello Humans!

So last week I wrote about ¬†very special place, the happiest place on earth in fact! Here’s my post about Disneyland if you’re interested. This week, I wanted to talk about Disneyland’s little sister, California Adventure! Only located at the Disneyland in California (duh), California Adventure is its own park right across the way from the original Disney.

California Adventure Entrance (Disney Parks Blog)

California Adventure is truly what it sounds like, its a look at the California life style, mainly focusing on the movie industry and the Golden Age of Hollywood. C.A. has many full production plays and one of the fan favorites, Soarin’ over California, a simulated plane ride through California. When you sit in the chair, they fly upward taking you about 30 ft above the ground to stare a giant production screen, coming with surround sound and even 4D aspects like the smell of pine cones as you fly through forests.

Another feature of California Adventure that seperates it from it’s counterpart is its Paradise Pier, imitating one of California’s many piers, decorated with 1950’s ads and carnival themed games. It also has one of the worlds most iconic and recognizable ferris wheels (seen below), though one thing most people don’t know about the ferris wheel is that the carts swing as you ride! It definitely adds an element of surprise and excitement to the ride. At the end of the pier is one of C.A.’s fan’s most enjoyed ride, California Screamin’. The only roller coaster that goes upside at a Disney Park, California Screamin’ goes from 0-60 after a literal 10 second count down that has you on the edge of your cart’s seat!

Disney’s World of Color with Ferris Wheel in background (Frank Anzalone Photography)

My favorite attraction in California Adventure has to be it’s newest show, World of Color. World of Color, as seen above, is a spectacular lights show with a unique twist, all the images displayed are set against water. As hundreds of water jets propel water into the air, lights display moving images onto the water that play in time with music from some of Disney’s classics. From the Jungle Book to the newest classic Frozen, the show will make you laugh and cry and want to watch it all over again! It’s a must see if you ever come out to enjoy a day at the park.

Though that’s all I have for right now, there’s so much more to do at Disney’s parks! Please, come and visit sometime, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time,

-Sebastian Luna

The Happiest Place On Earth

Hello Humans!

So today i wanted to talk about a place i cannot believe we haven’t spoken of yet, and if you can’t already guess from the title, I’m talking about Disneyland! For anyone living under a rock, Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is a wonderfully magical place filled with all the Disney characters and attractions you can dream of. It has something for the entire family, any age and anyone can and will enjoy this place! Even if Disney isn’t your favorite, it still has a ton of fun rides, shows, and parades that you can enjoy with whoever your with.

(Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse,

Disneyland holds some significance to me, as i have luckily been in southern California my whole life and been able to go multiple times, so I have so many fond memories of family and friends enjoying themselves there and forming a closer bond with them as we have such a fun and exciting experience. For those who have never been, Disneyland is basically cut up into 5 “lands” each with its own style and theme to its attractions and look. There’s Tomorrowland, which focuses on the future and the space movies of Disney, such as Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear, and has one of the most famous rides, Space Mountain. Fantansyland, which focuses on the dozens fairy tale type movies Disney has created, with classics like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan rides. Fronteirland, which is themed off of the wild west and also slowly turns into New Orleans Square, which is based off of New Orleans, Louisiana and has rides like Pirates of the Caribbean. Adventureland, which has a jungle theme with rides from Indiana Jones to Tarzan’s Tree House. And finally Main Street USA, which is the main entrance of the park where all the shops and most characters tend to hang around and take pictures. It’s a lot and there’s even more, but if you get lost just take a look at the map below.


(Map of Disneyland)

Hopefully you guys will be able to make a trip to visit Disneyland soon, it really is a wonderful place to just walk around and enjoy yourself by bringing out your inner child and having fun!

’till next time!


I scream for Afters!

After’s ice cream isn’t your typical ice cream parlor- okay maybe it is, depending on your experience with ice cream shops. What makes After’s the hype, however, is its well known milky bun: a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two donut buns. ¬†Now, if that doesn’t scream diabetes, I don’t know what does. ¬†But, let me tell you guys this, the milky bun actually is delicious and desirable. ¬†One day after my first time of eating the milky bun, I began craving the scrumptious dessert.

The milky buns aren’t the only specialty at After’s. ¬†The ice cream flavors at the parlor range from a creamy, buttery cookie butter flavor to a classic jasmine milk tea flavor. ¬†Oh! ¬†And don’t forget the Vietnamese coffee-a truly cultural flavor. ¬†The ice cream flavors when combined with the warm donut create a concoction of sweetness that would melt in your mouth.

Grabbing ice cream with your friends is always a great way for bonding, studying, or talking over life problems of

“What did you get on the test?” to “What did I do wrong?” to “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she did that.”

Cookie Monster milky bun (left) & Strawberry cookie scooped atop of Jasmine Milk Tea (right)

After’s cream is located in Fountain Valley, CA and has been open for almost 1 year. ¬†The young age ice cream shop is still growing today, with a branched out ice cream truck to serve their flavors after hours. ¬†If you want to check out more of their flavors, check out¬† or simply search the hashtag #aftersicecream on Instagram!