LEGO Imagination Center

Hello lovelies! I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is great, thank you. (: So who loves LEGOs? I know I do, except for stepping on them of course. I’ve always loved LEGOs. Since I was a kid, I loved building the tallest towers with my younger brother. Not too long ago, my family went to DownTown Disney and we came across this massive LEGO Imagination Center. This was literally a child’s dream place to be. It was crazy crowded, but my eyes were set on the massive lego sculptures or whatever you want to call it. My dad took a picture with one!


Even my dad was fascinated about all the LEGOs. Need a present to give to your kid for their birthday? Well, you know where to go. I’m not going to lie, I probably had more fun in here than my brother. I wanted to build my own things. They had a spot for you to do that. Oh my goodness. There’s nothing bad about this place. Well, if you don’t like a place that’s a bit too overpopulated with kids, then this isn’t your place. I basically stood there for 3 minutes with my dad admiring this work of art.


Yep, I was pretty mind blown. It was so massive and cool. Gosh, I wished you all could see it. Look at that dragon behind there. I sound like a five year old right now, but if you were there, that’s how you would feel. Young and free. Of course, it’s not Disneyland, but if you come from a family that likes walking around DownTown Disney and watch the fireworks at night, you should definitely stop by here and check everything out, maybe buy something. ūüėČ

Have fun!

Hannah xx


Cream Pan creams other Dessert Shops!?

Hey readers! This weeks food journey takes us to this little shop in Tustin that specializes in dessert. The food there is delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I am more than 100% positive that they could get rid of all their food and still thrive on only selling dessert.

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Multigrain Turkey Sandwich

Yesterday, my two sisters and I went to Cream Pan, right across the street from Tustin High School. As we were leaving, my little sister decided to shout “Cream Pan creams other dessert shops!” She thought it the most clever thing she ever said and gave out a couple high-fives to the people close enough. It definitely gave the employees and other customers a laugh, leaving my older sister and I to run out of there as fast as we could.

Cream Pan is no doubt, one of our favorite places to get dessert. After eating KBBQ at Gen (click to read the post written by Bree about the location in Huntington Beach), we decided to indulge ourselves with my favorite; strawberry croissants.

Strawberry Croissants

Strawberry Croissants

Each croissant is baked to this perfect flaky goodness, filled with their special daily-made cream and two of the sweetest strawberry slice, and topped with powdered sugar. It’s like heaven on earth. My sisters are more suckers for their other croissants, which I will admit, are just as good.

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Strawberry croissants, Banana croissants, and Strawberry & Banana croissants

Everything here is honestly just SO tasty! My sisters and I love it here, and if it were any closer, I’m sure that we would go everyday. If you’re ever in the area, I say that Cream Pan is a must go for great dessert. Please enjoy!

Until next time guys!


Waltz on Over to Walt’s Wharf

Hey readers! One of my most favorite seafood restaurants is definitely Walt’s Wharf. They have the freshest seafood delivered everyday, which makes their food taste 100 times better. My family and I just went there for dinner yesterday and just like every other time, we were blown away. The food is hands down spectacular and is great for lunch or dinner.

walts wharf

outside of the restaurant

My favorite dish is absolutely the Fresh Fish and Chips. The Atlantic Cod is beer battered and fried, giving it this ultra crisp coating that tastes superb with the tartar sauce. The cole slaw and french fires are perfect sides.

fish and chips

Fresh Fish and Chips

Last night, we tried the Mixed Seafood Grill for the first time, which was surely a good idea. It consisted of lobster tail, clams, jumbo shrimp, scallops, and fresh fish. All tasted incredible, and we were all satisfied.

mixed seafood grill

Mixed Seafood Grill

For dessert, we chose to share the Mudpie, which was to die for. It ended our meal beautifully and wasn’t too much for the four of us.



The wait usually isn’t that long when my family arrives, which is around 8 in the evening. We’re always the last customers in the restaurant, but the staff is extremely friendly and constantly makes sure we are comfortable. Our server said that rush hour, when the restaurant gets most crowded, is usually 5-6:30, so it’s best to avoid the restaurant during that time, if you don’t want to wait extra long.

Walt’s Wharf is located on Main Street in Seal Beach and is definitely worth the visit. Their food is incredible and I guarantee that you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Until next time readers!



Hello guys!  A little location I would like to write about today  would be SOCO, more specifically I would like to describe the setting of this vintage, bohemian location perfect for studying or getting together for a cup of coffee.

SOCO is located on Hyland in Costa Mesa, CA.  It is a community of various stores ranging from food to furniture, and has the most exotic decor, from wood door bathroom stalls to comfy cotton fluffed couches located inside the ¨OC Mart Mix¨ for individuals to chillax, work, or study.

SOCO is a perfect place for studying and catching up on schoolwork!  All people gather and bring their laptops to work and focus.

SOCO is a perfect place for studying and catching up on schoolwork! All people gather and bring their laptops to work and focus.

In the ¨OC Mart Mix¨ of SOCO, there are multiple open door businesses, each in their own sections of the building.  A bit similar to a one floor mall, the Mart has popular food places such as Birdie Bowl, a food specialty restaurant focused upon Acai and pitaya bowls, and the Portola Coffee Lab, a cafe specializing in a dark chocolate ganache rich texture of a large variety of coffee that would satisfy the buds of coffee and non-coffee lovers alike.  The little quaint stores within SOCO are filled with cute vintage clothing for infants or casual $400 Ray Ban pairs of retro sunglasses.  Every fraction of the Mart has distinctive features: cool chalkboard designs and a little section for a hair trim.  Everywhere throughout there are the abstract colored walls that create a season of colors to see and feel.

Inside Birdie Bowl Decor. Love the chalk writing of ¨community.¨

Inside Birdie Bowl Decor. Love the chalk writing of ¨community.¨

The color schemes, the floors, the organization, the exotic and vegan foods, the intricate apparels and antiques all synthesize to create an atmosphere of modern sophistication, of chic.  An aura of hip emits from the location.

SOCO is a wonderful architect project created to bring people together to socialize and, in my opinion, appreciate the beauty of design.  I truly recommend you to check out the location in the future- whether to bowl in on antioxidants and fiber at Birdie Bowl or find new furniture for that winter to summer house design project!

The public restroom at SOCO!  A full on wood door replaces the typical bathroom stall.

The public restroom at SOCO! A full on wood door replaces the typical bathroom stall.

And this post is only about ¨The OC Mart Mix¨ edifice of SOCO.  The exterior of the SOCO area is even more natural with the layout of things.

Until next time everybody!