Knott’s Scary Farm

The event of the year.

At least to me. The decorations, the monsters, the acting, I love it all so much! Walking trough the front gates you can see the monsters waiting in the shadows, ready to jump and frighten anyone and everyone. The whole park filled with people all wanting to have a spooky night, begging for a chance to have the ish scared out of them!

Last Friday night I went with three friends, all of us scary farm enthusiasts and excited to see all the new mazes. For those who don’t know what knott’s scary farm is, its basically an amusement park turned evil, with all the lights dimmed and fog machines and people dressed as terrifying creatures roaming around the park. Also added are about nine different mazes, each with their own themes and each with monsters waiting to jump out and hear you scream. Naturally i wanted to go to every single one, but as time would have it, i only visited four, but they were amazing. I’ll tell you about me favorite, Dominion of the Damned. DoD is basically a maze set in the 1600’s where classical music took off. The maze continuously plays eerie classical music and throughout the maze there are pictures and gory organ covered violins. The monsters in the maze are my favorite, all once-humans who’ve been transformed into vampires. Their faces beautifully powdered and carefully drawn on, each having a unique black pattern that you can see as they get near you and hiss. The maze then goes outside to a garden with statues- except some of the statues are actually full body painted scarers, screaming as you walk by. The maze is definitely an eye-please.

This maze can be very compared to the scarlet letter in many ways. First, the atmosphere of the maze is very similar, all not being what it appears to be. You know everything in the maze is just waiting to jump out at you, but you still admire the beauty of it, much like the Puritan town, everyone is hiding secrets and sins of their own, yet everyone interacts with each other as though they’re all saints. Throughout the maze and the book you have this eerie feeling of deceitfulness and you just can’t wait for the end to come so you can see how it all turns out!

I recommend everyone taking time to go to Knott’s Scary Farm next year, its a must go for people looking to get scared, and when your 18 you can even be one of the creatures lurking in the shadows!


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