South Coast PLaza

Hello Humans!

Today i wanted to talk about my favorite mall (I’ve only been to like four but, you know), South Coast Plaza. Located in Costa Mesa, it is one of the largest malls in Orange County, even being split by a street, so you’ll have to take a large bridge to get over to the other side! Though at Christmas the bridge and its’ view is especially beautiful, making the walk that much enjoyable.

The mall includes a wide array of stores for all your shopping needs, ranging from Game Stop, to Sears, to a Disney store! Even having a carousal in the middle. As said before, during christmas the store really gets creative, decorating all the already massive structures inside, adding a large three story tree to one of its intersections. There’s also a carousel that becomes Christmas themed for all to enjoy, as a ride on a silly horse never hurts.

The food selection is a by far my favorite thing about South Coast. Because of its two part design, there are many more places to stop and catch a bite to eat at this mall, my favorites being Rubys, Corner Bakery, and Claim Jumper. Though if those aren’t your style they have much smaller places for a nice rest stop such as The Coffee Bean and Starbucks, or if you’re in the mood for fine dining, AnQi By Crustacean is an Asian gourmet restaurant with fashion shows and live entertainment.

Also part of South Coast is Metro Pointe, a smaller outdoor shopping area with a movie theater to boot, so when you’re done shopping you could catch a movie or relax the Barnes & Nobles next door. If you would like to learn more about Metro Pointe, be sure to read Hanna’s post right here


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